Our Dreams & Design custom home was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. We met with five different builders prior to meeting with Kevin and Lan Stallings. From the beginning, we knew they were who we wanted to build our home.

Unlike the previous builders, Kevin and Lan took an incredible amount of time to listen to our needs and then design the home we desired. We knew that an energy efficient home was a requirement and were very pleased to find 3.0 Energy Star homes are D&D’s specialty! Our heating and cooling system is 95% efficient, the highest efficiencies we could find in the industry for our region. We were told our home would be insulated to prevent energy loss, and when the energy efficiency tests were conducted, I was told by the technicians our test results were some of the best they had seen in several years!

The building process from beginning to completion took about 9 months. The craftsmanship by all of the subcontractors was incredible and is very evident to others in the construction industry who have visited our home. There were no corners cut and quality is seen throughout, from the 9 supporting I-beams in the framing, the bullnose corners on every wall, the amazing tile work, to the beautiful Acacia wood floors. Our home is a place we never want to leave.

The staff at D&D has been very responsive in the few instances we have had a question or needed them to review minor installation issues. Dan, Jack and all of the office staff are very friendly and outgoing. They all listen to your questions and keep you updated every step of the construction process.
We moved into our home on October 27th, 2017.

We are EXTREMELY happy with our D&D home and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a quality built, Energy Star, custom home.

Mike and Kimmie Long

"Kevin and Sally were so great to work with! They really worked as a team to help us sell our house AND buy our new home. It was a great experience working with both of them, and we couldn't be happier with our decision to buy one of Kevin's homes!"

Andrea and Robie Elliott

"When you tell your friends and relatives you are building a home, the statement is usually followed by a long pause, a worried look and then a simple, “Good Luck!” When my husband and I were met with those expressions we simply said, “No, it’s really not like that at all. The whole process has been easy and enjoyable. Our builder has been great to work with!”
From our first meeting with Kevin, we knew we wanted him to build our home. It is very evident he takes pride in his craft. He listens and then generates ideas to customize your home to fit the needs of your family. This was so important to us, as we were building our “dream home.” He also surrounds himself with people on his team who share his same ideals for respect to his clients. There was always help available when my husband and I had a question or concern.
During the building process, we were kept informed of every detail. There were no “surprises.” During each stage, Kevin personally meets with the homeowners and the different trades to discuss the next phase. By doing this, more ideas are generated, items are not missed and your home is customized especially for you. Every trade that worked in our home was respectful and also took great pride in their work. We trusted their work completely.
After moving into our new house, we truly feel like it is our “Dream Home.” We feel, in large part, this is because of Kevin. His knowledge and skill made this process so easy. When people say, “So, how did building the house go?” We reply, “Really good!” And then we make sure to give them Kevin’s name!"

Teressa Smith

"The first time we saw the house we knew we had finally found what we had been searching for during the past year. The house was located in the perfect area geographically as well as being on what we are convinced is the best lot in the neighborhood. I wanted a house with a view and my wife wanted a house close to work. We had looked at well over 100 houses (thanks to the internet) and then almost by accident came upon our house in Stone Canyon .
When we met Kevin I was totally impressed by his passion. He seemed driven to build the highest quality homes with an eye toward energy efficiency. We have been in our house for about nine months and we continue to be amazed by the savings we see month to month on our electricity and other utilities. We know we are paying far less than many of our friends who have less space to heat & cool.
Kevin’s attention to quality workmanship can be seen in the detail that he puts into every part of the house. Some of the features that I personally like are the dusk to dawn lights on the front of the house, the wall of floor to ceiling windows that practically brings the outdoors into the living room and the extra room under the suspended garage that keeps the garage free of clutter.
When minor issues have popped up Kevin has been very quick to respond with a solution. He clearly takes pride in his work!"

Carl Short

"We have been in our home since January of 2012 and we love every moment in it. Our experience with Kevin Stallings and his sub-contractors surpassed our expectations. Coming from a family of construction and sub-contractors we are very particular to details and Kevin, along with his crews, helped us make the developing of our home a pleasurable experience. We never felt pressured or confused about any of the details or costs through the process.
Kevin was fantastic at keeping us and the sub-contractors on schedule. He is particular to details as well and voices his opinion but always listened to our as well to make the best possible choice. All of his homes have a grand finish to them in the end. Our hope is to build a larger home eventually and we will use Kevin to help us make it our dream home once again. We thank him and his crews for their expertise, quality, and kindness."

Gary and Melina Dendish

"We can't say enough good things about Kevin, the D&D team, and the first rate craftsmen and tradesmen that designed and built our beautiful house. The project management and communication was great throughout the process. We really appreciated being able to interact with everyone involved in the building. Clearly the top priority is customer satisfaction and that attitude is held by the D&D team as well as those working for them. The supervisor's attention to detail made sure the results were exactly as we had hoped and expected. There is a saying " Your word is your worth, and your worth is your word "...That defines our experience working with Kevin and D&D. Sincerely, Thank You."

Kevin and Patti Nickerson

Greater Kansas City Area ENERGY STAR Homes Award Recommendation

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to recommend Kevin Stallings of D & D Building, Inc. (Dreams and Designs Building, Inc.,) for The ENERGY STAR annual award for best builder in the Kansas City area. I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin and his people for three years now and they are first rate. Fabulous examples of what an ENERGY STAR Partner should build like.

D&D excellence starts with people and process. The people are competent and willing to do whatever it takes to build to ENERGY STAR Standards. They communicate schedules well to their contractors and stick to them. They are demanding of their contractors but bring out the best in them through expectations and right thinking. Their contractors demonstrate professionalism through understanding what their standard expectations are and communicating with each other, adhering to timelines, and laying the foundation for the other contractors to succeed. Of all of those people and processes, Kevin is the one who lays the foundation, sets the example, and pays the price. As RESNET Energy Raters, we lost some builders with the transition to ENERGY STAR Version 3 and 3.1. But not D&D. They got the more rigorous Standard, digested them, internalized them, changed their procedures, and keep on selling high quality homes that we can all be proud of. When you talk to Kevin you get that can do spirit that demands you perform to his level.

From the ground up, quality components, mechanicals, and test outs make you want to own a D&D house of your own. His designs are good. He will use fiberglass batts on concrete basement foundation walls to keep the house affordable. On higher exposure slab on grade walkouts, above grade walls, and windows and doors, quality installation is standard. The HVAC equipment is well designed high efficiency and mechanical ventilation performs as well. The homes are in the low 2ACH50s with dehumidified mechanical ventilation fresh air. HERS scores have always been in the high 40 to low 50 range. Ductwork is most often in conditioned space and tight. Spot ventilation is always correct. Tricky spots like cantilevers and kneewalls are well done. The houses perform well as a system.

Clean Efficient Energy Company, LLC, Rick Jenkins