Q: How long have you been building?
A: I’ve been working in the construction industry for 28 years & counting. I started out as a framer, then did some clean up work, electrical, plumbing, and various jobs in construction. That’s how I learned about building, and why I can trouble shoot just about anything that comes up. Since then, I have earned my CGP certification, which is Certified Green Professional for builders.

Q: Will you build a plan that I found online?
A: Yes. I can build any plan that you prefer, provided that they meet our local codes and we satisfy the copyright regulations. If there are any doubts, I’d be happy to take a look at your plan and give you my opinions. The initial consultation is free of charge. I also work daily on blueprints from various clients to ensure they meet codes, the layout is correct, and they suite the clients’ needs.

Q: Where can I see an example of your work?
A: Contact our office for the latest listing of our model homes.  You can email us at DandDBuilding@gmail.com.  We currently have models in Lenexa, Shawnee, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, and Blue Springs.

Q: Do you specialize in a certain category?
A: I am a strong advocate of energy efficient building. My spec homes are rated by Energy Start auditors. I am proud to say that I’ve saved my homeowners thousands of dollars in utility bills per year because of that. I can show you the HERS scores that back my words. I also specialize in ADA accessible construction, such as zero entry doorways and wheelchair accessible showers. Another popular feature is to build concrete storage units below the 3 car garage so that our homeowners can utilize that space for storing cars, work shop, or even golf simulators!

Q: Where do you build at?
A: Anywhere in the Kansas City metro area. I am currently a licensed contractor in Kansas and Missouri. In my career, I’ve built in Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park, Basehor, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Independence, Raymore, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, Greenwood and rural acreage.

Q: What price range do you build in?

A: That depends on which subdivision you want to live in. For instance, in Grain Valley, the homes are $300,000 +. Stone Canyon (Blue Springs) is $450,000 +. The Monticello (Lee’s Summit) is $400,000 +.  Cottonwood Canyon (Lenexa) is $700,000 +. I’ve also built custom homes on estate lots that’s well over $1 million.

Q: How long does it take to build a house?
A: For a starter home, I can build a house from foundation to turn-key stage in 5 months. For a custom home, it really depends on the size of the house and how unique it is. Usually it can be done in 7-9 months.

Q: How much do you charge? And what is your building process?
A: My fees are built into the price of the home. For a custom home, I will do several sit-down meetings with you and go over what you want, and how much things will cost. After I bid out the house, I will give you a fixed contract price, and that’ll be the sales price of the house.

Q: Who are the subcontractors that work for you?
A: I only hire reliable, high quality subs. They are not the cheapest, of course. You do have to pay for what you get. I am proud of those that work for me. I use them to work on my personal house, and I trust them implicitly.

Q: Are there any warranties for your work?
A: Yes. There is a 1-year limited warranty on structure, which is the industry standard. Extended warranties are available for HVAC & Windows, and are provided by the manufactures. I do stand behind my work. I will work with you if you have any specific concerns.

Q: Do you have any referrals?
A: Yes. I have homeowners that tell me frequently that they’ve enjoyed the building process with me. It’s much better than what they expected. Check out the testimonials. Our office will be happy to supply a list of referrals as well.