Dreams & Design Building is a premier luxury home builder in the Kansas City area. Our builder, Kevin Stallings, has 26+ years of construction experience. As a Certified Green Professional, he is among the top Energy Star residential builder in the Midwest! We work closely with our clients from napkin sketches to full blown blue prints; from established neighborhoods to raw acreage lands. Our in-house design staff has pioneered an efficient design process that makes it fun and enjoyable. We hope to build you the “Forever Home” of your DREAMS!

Spring Parade features a plethora of homes in Missouri South Information provided by Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City …..mixed materials make up this beautiful master bathroom floor from Dreams & Design Building. JAMES MAIDHOF SUBMITTED PHOTO This year’s Spring Parade of Homes is in full force, attracting thousands of prospective homebuyers to 381 homes ranging in price from $165,000 to $1.6 million, built by some of the finest homebuilders throughout the Greater Kansas City region. With boutique homes for first-time homebuyers, inviting maintenance-provided villas attractive to empty-nesters looking to downsize, spacious single-family residences for growing families and stunning luxury custom homes, the Parade offers something for everyone — and more than 100 of these homes can be found in the Missouri South area, which encompasses the area south the river. According to Lan Stallings, marketing director with Dreams & Design Building, the Kansas City homebuilding market is unique compared to the rest of the country. “There are a lot fewer large national builders versus the smaller, traditional, grassroots type of builders,” she said. “Kansas City homebuilders create relationships with our homeowners, and pass down that tradition for generations.”

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